About Fuerteventura Realty
We are a small company who aim to bring a personal caring approach to the serious endeavor of property purchase. Although British we have been on the island since 1979 so have a very complete local knowledge.
We are dedicated to and love our beautiful Island, we have travelled all over the world and have seen that  few places in the world offer such a good quality of life. In Fuerteventura you feel that you are floating on a rock near Africa, but still we are a part of Europe, easy flight connections to the UK and peace of mind that other far away countries cannot offer.

Whether you are thinking of retiring, owning a second home or interested in investment, we are specialised in helping you find the ideal property.

We operate in association with a Canarian Lawyer whom we have worked with very closely for more than 20 years. All the properties that we offer are meticulously checked by him before purchase to ensure that the property is correctly documented. You do of course have the choice of appointing your own lawyer to carry out the conveyance.  more info
Once our clients have purchased their property we don’t say goodbye, we are available to help and advise them on all aspects of property ownership including translating at banks and official offices, rental management, importing their personal goods, pets and cars, obtaining residency, making wills etc.
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