Photograph of Los Molinos by courtesy of José Manuel García

Located in the north east of the island about 20 kilometers from the islands capital Puerto del Rosario, 30 kilometers from Corralejo and 9 kilometers from Tindaya Tefia, along with the Los Molinos area is an unspoilt area traditionally used for agriculture.

You can really step back into the past at La Alcogida;
Alcogida means land dedicated to rain water collection and La Alcogida is also the name of a small community in the south of Tefia. This area has been chosen as the site most representative of the traditional domestic architecture of Fuerteventura and, after careful restoration, dedicated as an eco-museum.
The Island Council have restored the houses, enclosures and walls of the small community “La Alcogida” using the original methods and styles of building. What you can see today is an authentic piece of the past restored to its original state.
For those interested in history the community will be of great appeal, for not only can it be seen how the majorero agricultural system worked, but there are also fascinating insights into the past daily life of the island people. The traditional arts and crafts are being kept alive by classes and demonstrations can be watched when you visit the community.

Due to its low light pollution, Tefia has been chosen by the Fuerteventura Council to house its telescope and there are open nights when you can observe the stars through it.

Los Molinos is nearby, a five minute drive and there is a large reservoir located on the road from Tefia to the small coastal town of Los Molinos, it is the largest fresh water accumulation on the island of Fuerteventura.
Los Molinos is a good place to have lunch, there is a pebbly beach and a catholic shrine decorated with seashells. There are also some interesting rock pools to explore if you are feeling adventurous. A barranco (ravine) feeds into the bay and this creates a nice environment for the ducks that have been introduced.  

For those wanting to live an authentic, peaceful and perhaps agricultural life, Tefia would be an excellent choice.