Land and Building Plots For Sale in Lajares 

We have a large portfolio of building plots for sale in Lajares. Many have beautiful views, we have both village and rural building land.  
Below we have posted a few examples of the plots available. Please contact us with your preferred area and plot size required and we shall send you the most relative ones. 

Lajares is a quiet village 15 minutes drive from Corralejo and a ten minutes drive from Cotillo Beaches.

Overview of Lajares 

Plots From 1.000 m2 to 2.500 m2 

 Attractive Building Plots for sale in a quiet  residential area of Lajares, the plots measure 1,000  m2 and are just a few minutes walk from the    village center.  The building regulations for this  area are one house per 1,000 m2The plots have  been recently segregated into a total of 12 plots and a plan is available upon request. 
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 Ref. FRL01

                       Price 75,000 euros 

Building Plot of 1.720 m2 in a zone of Lajares where 1.000 m2 is the minimum Plot size to build a home.

Situated in a quiet residential area, this is a great opportunity to build a villa with a large garden. 
Ref. FRL04

Price 110.000 euros

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Building Plot in Lajares measuring 1.000 m2 located in a quiet area not far from the church.
Ref. FRL38

Price 60.000 euros

 Nicely situated 1000 m2 building plot in a centrally located yet peaceful street of the popular village of Lajares. 

  Ref. FRL08
Price 87.000 euros

Check our Lajares Village Info page to find out more about this village Link

  Land in a Quiet Area of the Village of Lajares

Nice level building plot measuring 1,000 m2 within a short walk of Lajares village.
Ref. FRL14
                   50,000 euros  SOLD

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 Building Plots in an Attractive Area of Lajares.

4 building plots of 1,000 m2 each in a quiet area of Lajares, some with views, all just 5 minutes drive from the north shore.
Ref. FRL09
55,000 to 70,000 euros 
(price depending upon their view)

Lovely Villa plot very well located in Lajares it measures 2,200 m2
Ref. FRL41  


126,000 euros

Purchasing Procedures are 
straightforward for Europeans.
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 2 Plots of 1,100 m2 each located in a nice quiet area on the outskirts of the village. 

  Ref. FRL27

    Price For each Plot:-

50,000 euros SOLD

We also carry out a large number of administrational tasks to ease the buying process link 

 Plot of 1,000 m2 located on the 2nd line of  Lajares Village (just behind the main road plots) Ref. FRL29

              Price:- 75,000 euros

                           Land with Project in Lajares

This plot is located in a wonderful situation near the Lajares volcano. The land has good views, measures 1.690 m2 and has a project already in place to build a beautiful modern house.
Water and electricity are at the plot.
Price:-105.000 euros SOLD

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Plots in Lajares over 2.500 m2 

We are able to introduce you to an excellent architect and guide you through the villa rental process.
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Two building Plots situated in a quiet area on the outskirts of Lajares. One plot measures 2.636 m2 and the other 2.807 m2 and they are in a zone where some very pestigious rental villas are located.
Villas with  Pools are very much in demand in the Holiday Rentals market. 


Ref. FRL30 

 Old Ruin with Fabulous Views Overlooking Lajares. 

This 20.000 m2 of agricultural land has amazing views and its location ensures that it will always remain in an unspoilt landscape.
There is an old ruined farmhouse on the land that can be restored and amplified to make a fantastic rural home.

                  Price:- 370,000 euros
More Photos.

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Large Building Plots situated in a zone of Lajares where 2.500 m2 is the minimum area that you need to build a home. The land has nice views and the 7 plots segregated measure from 4.000 to 10.000m2 each. 

Ref. FRL24

Example Prices are:-
                5.038 m2       248.000  euros    
               10.000 m2      448.000  euros

 Land Surrounded by Natural Park Land, Lajares 

Plots with fantastic views in a stunning location.
We have 2 plots available, one measures
 2.500 m2
Ref. FRL32

Price:- 170.000 euros

Plot of 2.992 m2
Ref. FRL33

Price:- 195.000 euros

2 Plots of 3,500 m2 each near to Lajares Volcano. 
Ref. FRL26
        Price For each Plot:-150,000 euros

14.000 m2 of Land Located Betweeen Lajares                           and Villaverde.

This plot is situated in a very tranquil location surrounded by Natural park Land.
It has wonderful views.
Ref. FRL36 

Price 190.000 euros

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 Plots Near Gavias Nuevas, Lajares

We have 3 plots available in this very sought after area of Lajares.
2 of the plots measure:-
3.250 m2 (Ref. FRL 34)
Price:- 150.000 euros each plot

1 plot measures. 1.600 m2 (Ref. FRL35)
Price:- 90.000 euros

2,500 m2 of land in a very nice location not far from the beginning of the Majanicho Road.

  Ref. FRL28
               Price:- 100,000 euros