For stress-free Building Ventures we can offer you the following service:

Building Project Administration and Supervision.

Our package ensures that each stage of the building work is carried out efficiently and skilfully, using the quality of materials as specified in your architects project and within the time frame agreed in the contract signed with your builder.

 Our service ensures a faster, more effective and professional implementation of your project.

We control the quality of the materials used and keep you informed of the work progress and are always aware of the current situation.


What you are required to do; -

Plan your home with the architect.
Tell us your preferences as regard to floor tiles and bathroom fittings.
Work out a comfortable stage payment scheme, (we can liaise with your builder.)
Optional Services:
Once your building work is complete we can offer you landscaping, interior design, decorating and furnishing services and introduce you to a management company.


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 What we can do for you:

Introduce you to an architect, accompanying you to their office and helping you to plan your new home. (see our House Design Page here)
Recommend a builder, obtain a quote or attend a preliminary meeting with one of your choice.
Liaise with your architect and present the project to the town hall, overseeing the planning processes and the obtaining of the building licence.
Contract insurance for the project.
Draw up the contracts for the different stages of building with your builder and liaise with him throughout the duration of the project.
Oversee the building work and send you weekly progress reports on the project.
Pass your payments to your builder as each stage of the building completes.
Obtain the necessary certificates and paperwork from the town hall when the building is completed.
Present the documents and accompany you to the Notary’s office to register the new building.