We also carry out a large number of administrational tasks including:-

Obtaining NIE
A NIE number (Identification Number for Foreigners), will be used to identify you on official forms. You will then need to obtain a NIF number from the local tax office this is basically a fiscal ID number anybody with a financial interest in Spain or the Canary Islands is required to have.

Opening A Bank Account

Applying for a Mortgage

Property Conveyance
Our in house lawyer is available by appointment to discuss all aspects of property purchase and other legal queries and for:-

The Drawing Up of Wills
All expatriates and property owners are advised to make a will if they have not already done so as to avoid difficulties for heirs. It is acceptable for a British expatriate to make a British will for any property or assets in the UK, and a Spanish will for property or assets held in Spain.

Registration at the Social Security and Tax Offices.

Business Set Up Procedures.

Driving License Exchange/Endorsement
If you are resident, you are obliged to alter your license, and there are two options that we can help you with:
If you possess an EU license (denoted by a ring of stars on the front) this can be endorsed or you can exchange your license for a Spanish license (this is the method the Spanish Authorities prefer)

Obtaining Planning Permission for your building.

Building Project Administration and Supervision.
Our package ensures that each stage of the building work is carried out efficiently and skillfully, using the quality of materials as specified in your architects project and within the time frame agreed in the contract signed with your builder.
Our service ensures a faster, more effective and professional implementation of your project.  
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Utility and Services.
We can arrange for water/electricity/telephone rates etc to be transferred into your name or installed.

Obtaining Energy Performance Certificates (‘Certificados de Eficiencia Energética’).
The spanish goverment passed a new law on the 5th of april 2013 (decree 235/02013) which states that as of the 1st of june 2013 all properties for sale or rent must have a certificado de eficiencia energetica (cee) This is the spanish version of the uk energy performance certificate (epc).No property can be sold or rented without it

Translation/Interpretation Service
Spanish to English/ English to Spanish.  Document translation and interpretation at Lawyers, Doctors, Police Stations, Town Halls and Other Administrative Buildings.

Secretarial Service
If you operate your own business we can offer you a partial or comprehensive service including telephone answering, appointment arranging, document and letter typing, email or internet site management, translating and interpreting.
This service is available long or short term (during your holiday for example)

Interior Design and Furnishing Service.
We can recommend you to a comprehensive furnishing and equipping service and an excellent management company.
Please contact us for Further Information about any of our services.   Contact