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Whether you are thinking of retiring, owning a second home or interested in investment, we are specialised in helping you find the ideal property.
Once our clients have purchased their property, we don’t say goodbye, we are available to help and advise them on all aspects of property ownership including translating at banks and official offices, rental management, importing their personal goods, pets and cars, obtaining residency, making wills etc.

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We are a small company who aim to bring a personal caring approach to the serious endeavor of property purchase. Although British we have been on the island since 1979 so have a very complete local knowledge.
We are dedicated to and love our beautiful Island, we have traveled all over the world and have seen that few places in the world offer such a good quality of life. In Fuerteventura you feel that you are floating on a rock near Africa, but still we are a part of Europe, with easy flight connections and the peace of mind that other far away countries cannot offer.

We would like to share with you our love of this beautiful island with its long white beaches, perfect year around climate and its tranquil lifestyle.
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We apologise that our site is only in English at the moment, please contact us for information in other languages.
About Fuerteventura.
Fuerteventura is located in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of north Africa, 50 nautical miles to the nearest point, although it is part of the EEC as it belongs to Spain.
It is the second biggest of the Canary Islands and has the longest beaches in the archipelago:
there are 152 beaches along its coastline - 50 kilometers of fine, white sand and 25 kilometers of black volcanic shingle.
The elongated island has an area of 1,660 km² (100 km long and 31 km wide) and was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2009. Most of the tourism is located in the areas of Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste and Jandia in the south, in between these areas are vast landscapes of scarcely inhabited open space.
The island lies on the same latitude as Florida and Mexico and is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water.
The climate on Fuerteventura is pleasant throughout the year. The island is also often referred to as the island of eternal spring.
Most of our properties are located in the municipality of La Oliva, located in the north of the island of Fuerteventura which covers an area of 356.13 km2 (21.5% of the island) including the Lobos Islet. 14.2% of the area  is protected natural space and the municipality is one of the richest archaeological areas on the island.
The natural park of Corralejo has a spectacular area of dunes and the village of Cotillo also has beautiful beaches. The sea and climate conditions make the municipality the perfect place for a variety of water sports.

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We Specialise in Cotillo Properties
If you are interested in building a villa we can make the endeavour stress free by managing the project for you.   
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The Canary Islands benefit from lower taxes than most of Europe because of the Canary Islands status as an "EU Outermost Region" which means that it is outside the European Union Value Added Tax, (VAT) this means that the islands are allowed to set their own taxes.
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